The Moxi Canyon is a lively desert full of curious critters like Moxikins!

Through engaging stories, the happy and adventurous band of humorous snakes that are Moxikins travel the world and explore its culinary and cultural diversity! The Moxikins’ animated series is the first of its kind to engage children with fun stories that emphasize nutrition as well as international culture and travel!

Moxikins introduce various food and culture to children while providing fun and entertaining doing it.  The Moxikins’ animated show features easy follow-along, healthful recipes for children, introducing them to healthy eating early on and teaching them how fun and exciting healthy eating can really be!

Children will also love the colorful adventures the Moxikins take and learn effortlessly about various countries, cultures and how beautiful and diverse our world is! Adults too can enjoy aspects of the show as they watch along with their children. Through their travels, Moxikins encourage children to embrace cultural differences and how our diversity makes the world a more colorful and better place!

So follow Pepper, Pintor, Roadie and Sand Juan as they go on awesome adventures around the world!  With humorous personalities and a positive message, Moxikins are sure to be a memorable and endearing part of your children’s childhood.

Moxikin Creator – Clinton Acosta
A lifelong fine arts artist, Clint Acosta was inspired to create the Moxikins by his sculptural work. He felt compelled by the lack of information about nutrition geared towards children to create a show that would not only fill that void but also teach about tolerance and cultural acceptance. Through his travels, Clint realized that our diversity only makes us better, and that a positive message that reflects that needs to be brought to children early on. Who better for the job than the Moxikins!

Moxikins, produced by One Eyed Robot